Beginning Letter Sound Clip Cards

Living Montessori Now

These 32 clip cards are Montessori-inspired beginning letter sound clip cards and use realistic images, Montessori letter colors, and an order used in many Montessori schools to introduce letter sounds. 

The pack uses a Montessori order for teaching letter sounds to help children learn to read and spell the greatest number of words quickly. And it uses red for consonants and blue for vowels, like the Montessori movable alphabet.  It also uses the Montessori concepts of lowercase letters and short vowel sounds.

We’ve included 2 sets of s, m, t, a, p, f, c because those are a good choice for the first letter sounds introduced. The letter “x” isn’t included because it isn’t a phonetic letter sound at the beginning of a word.

Note: This is a digital download (printable product). There are no physical products included in this pack. 


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