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The Montessori At Home! eBook AND the Materials Bundle 

This Bundle is a combination of the Montessori at Home! eBook (by John Bowman) and 21 Montessori Print Shop printable Montessori materials. This Bundle is a fantastic way to start your Montessori journey at home. Not only will you save money by purchasing the eBook and printables together, but you'll save yourself countless hours of searching online for information and materials.

There are 2 parts to this download: Montessori At Home! eBook and 21 Printable Montessori materials.

The Montessori At Home! eBook (by John Bowman is a multi-media pdf file that guides you through the entire process of doing Montessori early learning activities at home. Complete background and how-to chapters are followed by clear directions for over 250 early learning materials and activities. This eBook will save you countless days and nights scouring the internet for information on the Montessori Method. You purchase, download, and start your Montessori journey within minutes.

21 Printable Montessori Materials included in this Bundle

  1. Phases of the Moon (3-part cards & chart)
  2. Animals of the Continents
  3. Continents 3-Part Cards
  4. Land & Water Form Photo Book
  5. World - Control Maps, Masters and Labels
  6. Moveable Alphabet - Print - (includes full instructions)
  7. Sentence Cards - Step 1 - Set 1
  8. Word and Picture Cards - Step 1 - Read Pictures
  9. 1-100 Math Series
  10. Geometric Matching Cards
  11. Geometric Solids 3-Part Cards - Blue
  12. Skeleton Nomenclature Cards
  13. Tree Nomenclature Cards
  14. Phonics Sound and Picture Sorting
  15. Association of Objects
  16. What Does Not Belong
  17. The Five Senses
  18. Plant or Animal?
  19. Animals and Their Names
  20. Color Grading Cards
  21. Metal Insets - Shape Outlines 

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A note from John Bowman:
“I am really happy that the Montessori At Home! eBook & Bundle are now available exclusively on Living Montessori Now. Deb was a pioneer in providing Montessori experiences at home; and has devoted many years to showing parents how to use Montessori principles and practices. I am so pleased that these resources are now offered on the very best blog for learning about doing Montessori at home!”

Note: This is a digital download (printable product). There are no physical products included in this bundle. 

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