Montessori-Inspired World Travel Activity and Game Pack

Living Montessori Now

This world travel activity and game pack are printables that have resources that can be used for multiple geography activities and games for preschoolers through early elementary. The pack includes 8 1-page World Maps, 8 4-page World Maps; Land, Air, and Water Transportation Cutting Strips/Game Markers; Continent Dice for World Travel Game; Continent Spinner for World Travel Game; Passport Stamps for World Travel Game/ Passport Stamp 3-Part Cards for Each Continent. Perfect for home or classroom. Can be used to prepare activity bags (busy bags) for vacation travel.

68 pages

For more information about the Montessori-Inspired world travel activity and game pack plus ideas on how to use it: see related blog post

Note: This is a digital download (printable product). There are no physical products included in this pack. 


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