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The 3rd edition of Montessori at Home! eBook by John Bowman is available for only $6.95 for 512 pages with over 300 early-learning activities! This multi-media PDF file guides you through the entire process of doing Montessori early learning activities at home. In addition to activities, you'll find a quick start guide, 225 educational digital tablet app recommendations, hundreds of links to sites, blogs, and videos, and 76 pages of printable materials!

A note from John Bowman:
“I am really happy that the Montessori At Home! eBook & Bundle are now available exclusively on Living Montessori Now. Deb was a pioneer in providing Montessori experiences at home; and has devoted many years to showing parents how to use Montessori principles and practices. I am so pleased that these resources are now offered on the very best blog for learning about doing Montessori at home!”

$6.95 $10.95

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